First, arm yourself with Philip K. Dick’s two proclamations: “We have always already won,” and “The theory changes the reality it describles.” Now, the technique by which you fight: faith and logic. If you only have one, go with logic, but if you have both, let faith precede logic. If you can, believe in Jesus Christ, and in following him will you always go where you need to go. When you think you have him working in you, how do you feel? If you experience within as to seem like a conquering avenger, ready to smite down any adversary, you’re on the wrong track. If you feel humble and flawed, you’ve got the right ticket.

What you’re fighting for is the Logos. This is what Christ is sometimes called, also known as the Word (of God). But we will use the term Logos for these purposes, for Logos is related to logic, giving you a standpoint of “right logic”. What I wrote above, that of faith and logic, this could be a sense of what Logos means. And what you fight against is derangement, the twisting of logic to evil ends, of making lies and perverting of reality to make those lies seem as if true. What the bad guys want most of all is power, and then riches. To them, the most you’ll ever be is a means to an end.

As far as if one is making a real difference, remember that Satan was ultimately defeated by Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross—it did not mean there was no more work to be done. Also remember the Bible when it says that those who show hospitality to strangers may have entertained angels thereby. [Hebrews 13:2] That if you do something on the side of Logos, it might turn out to be an important thing in the War that was fought. That we are fighting. That we will continue fighting, on and on, for billions of angels fought on in the War. Most likely, there will be important battles which so far have not played out where eternity will touch down in the timestream.

Another way of thinking about Logos vs. Derangement: sense vs. madness. Also, understanding vs. heartlessness. If you can undo damage caused by the derangement, if indeed you can steer madness back to sanity, this is indeed a blow for the side of right. If you can set your own self straight, it might be that a skirmish happened there, in your sensibilities. Fight for reason, for this is another name of the Logos. Do everything in the spirit of love, for this is what moves us all.

The instruction I give you is very earthly in nature. What is the difference between just doing good and fighting for the Logos? Being a good boy scout and doing your good deed for the day is all well and fine, but we’re looking for a little more. The Lord spoke of it: when someone strikes you on the cheek, turn the other; when someone steals your shirt, give him your jacket, also. Be incomprehensible to evil. In that way will you be called a child of God, who is Himself love, incomprehensible.


When Sin was slain before she was born, and Lucifer knew that that body would be cast out of Heaven, and would be “planted” in the place where this creation were going to exist. Basically, it was to “salt the earth”, as it were. To make creation of this prime material plane impossible. Thus it is revealed why things, at some level, seem impossible, yet it works. One might posit this is why at the quantum level things are so weird. (A conjecture, only.) This might be what is meant when God says that the universe is His footstool. In a very real sense, this—all you see aroud you—might just be what God does with ruin. And that, because He helped every piece of it along, the whole way, not to be omnipresent in some vague, ivory tower way.


We do not truly exist in the world that is seen. Life is still a mystery. There is only Eternity, and all else are but shadows. As Paul observed, the unseen world is everlasting, and what is seen is temporary. It is similar to the Buddhist notion that we live in a world of illusion, that all there is is only a Ground that actually is. We exist only in Eternity, if we exist at all—and there, we are spirits. It is the spirit that moves us, and where the spirit meets the material world, there is our soul, or psyche, or mind. We are indeed spirits in a material world. That of Eternity we may see, if one is so fortunate—where some dreams happen upon—this is what is known as the Halospace.

The Story (3)

What if pain were not a creation of the Most High? And the Most High God is not the cause of destruction? That Lucifer, the greatest of all beings besides God, could actually have had that much effect on the world at large? Like Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden so that they would not eat of the Tree of Life, Satan and his angels were thrown from Heaven so that they would no longer have access to the inner gears of the cosmos. Their sin was pride.

A clue to why God takes responsibility for all that goes wrong is in the Book of Job. At the end, God sort of appears before Job and asks him where was he when He measured out the dimensions of the world, that sort of thing. That he cannot fathom why things happen as they do. Nowhere does God say, Satan did it to him, don’t blame Me. But the fact of the matter is, throughout the universe, it is due to the War in Heaven that there are calamities great down to the most trivial of injuries. Lucifer from his station in eternity threw a wrench in the whole works.

And so it was that Lucifer out of pride sought his own way, his own Logos, and so made that which was not of love, outside of all good, to become the avatar of Evil. And from Evil came Sin, which is also called Error, which is also called Pain; and from Evil and Sin was begotten Death: and this was enough. Before they could cause irrevocable damage to the pillars of creation, they were hurled from Heaven. With their exile the part of Heaven now in ruins was torn from the main of Eternity and cast free into the earth, as the abode in the outer darkness for Satan and his angels, who were now subject to time.