What is this, exactly?

—an apocalypse—

“Why do you seek what is before you?”

In the beginning before the beginning there were no beginnings at all. There were no endings, too, for time was not yet. For all that could have been said to be was the EN SOF: the Endless. This is almost impossible to comprehend. Then, what could be said to be after the En Sof, and before all else (for before and after were not yet anything), there was ETERNITY, also called HEAVEN. At its most basic, it was a void filled with light, the great expanse. This, too, had no beginning and no end, but still secondary to the Endless. And all was perfect, for there were not yet any other things, no material realm where any of those things could be.

It is said that in the beginning of all we have written of in chronicle, God created the heaven and the earth. When there were thought to be three heavens, and God resided in the third, which would be the pre-existent Eternity. But between when there was not but the En Sof and to the beginning that has been traditionally known, there were other events, for in the scriptures there is also written that when the foundations of the world were laid down, the “sons of God” rejoiced. [Job 38:7]

Before anything was, there was first the means by which things could be, the LOGOS: who in the beginning was with God, and was God. And this name is the greatest of our knowledge of the En Sof: GOD. The reason we can comprehend Him at all is because the Logos alone understands—who has been called the Word—but whose structure is larger than the definition of “word” might convey. Scripture continues that without the Logos nothing was created, that all form came into being because of the Logos. And indeed, remarkable were the first creatures to have been created by the Most High.

cosmosOur imagination of what is capable by God has been thought to be on the scale of the miracles that came by way of Moses. The 10 Plagues upon Egypt, and the parting of the Red/Reed Sea. We also have an idea of what Satan was capable of by the Book of Job, in which there is included “natural” disasters that Job and his children were struck with. But now that we know there is so much more than we had before ever thought there was, beyond our atmosphere, we may think otherwise about power. The grandeur of the night sky is truly what is the extent of the power of God, and His Logos. Galaxies upon galaxies. And it may be perhaps the actual extent of Satan’s power that it is what we have imagined the God of Old Testament could do.

Before he was Satan, he was LUCIFER, son of the morning. Yes, this is myth, but myths are lies that tell the truth. The truth in this lie resides in how time works in relation to Eternity. Before any material was, before our common beginning—where the sons of God shouted for joy—from within the Eternity there could be viewed all material possibility, and our world was there displayed amid the rest. And as Lucifer was becoming Satan, he was, too, becoming the Lucifer the myth that had developed was making him the way he was as much as he made the myth. Lucifer, who rebelled against the Most High by one word, but o the consequence: the word being, “no”.

The Lord teaches that there is one thing that cannot be forgiven: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Since we say that God is love, the blasphemy would simply be to say “no” to that spirit, the spirit of love. For there is not but light in love, not but goodness, and any dark sort of love being were actually something mixed with its true essence. And thus Lucifer was the first to say “no” to love. And he said it with all he possibly could of himself. It was the birth of EVIL. Of the moving darkness. And Lucifer became SATAN.

It was thus that SIN began to be, also known as Error, or Pain: the daughter of the DEVIL. In a cruel twist, the light, the life of what was to form would have experienced excruciating pain from the start, which would only have increased, even second by second. Understanding this, the Lord ordered that she should be killed, that central monad of Sin, its “looking out”, and we mourn for her to this day. The shell of her still acts as though it were alive, for its essence of moving darkness still had the spirit of evil imbued in it. Sin is the one of whom it is said that she is dead, and giving birth to monsters.

Then Lucifer, now Satan and Evil, copulated with Sin, and their product was DEATH, who is the Son of Satan and Sin, the Son of Evil and Pain. Other names: Death is also known as the ANTICHRIST, and Sin is also called BABYLON. Before this, Death had never been a thought, throughout the whole of Eternity. And before Evil, there had never been any of what might be called “wrong”, anywhere.

chaosOne last name of Sin is CHAOS. In Babylonian myth, she is called Tiamat; in the Old Testament she is called Rahab: her body is the primordial watery “formless” chaos from which the world came to be. It was done this way out of grief for the one that was lost, irrecoverably. The spirit who was killed, who never had a chance. This world, deep in its structure, is a remembrance of her. For Lucifer knew what the Logos must do when he conspired to sin, having been so close to the Source, and he knew that such events are never undone.

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. The spirit of God moved across these waters. And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. God saw the light, that it was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. The light He called day, and the darkness He called night.”

This was the beginning of which it was said the sons of God rejoiced in its making, the angels. One conjectures that if they indeed had been there when the foundations of the world were being laid, that they all would have had some part in it. In the story of the world, there are “wyrds” that make it up: weird words, using the old definition of the weird, then concerned with destiny. An angel was an embodiment of a wyrd, and the angels defined the potentials for being that was in the world. And the Wyrd prime, was the Logos, who is Christ, he being the way by which anything that came to be came to be. For all that is is made of information, and the Lord and his angels are the meaning behind it all. As when there is a gold standard for the currency in some land, matter being the paper that is flashed and transacted. And of the stories that are then written of the wyrds: the best story wins.

The WAR IN HEAVEN began when Lucifer sought to kill the Logos, and replace Christ as the Son of YHVH, the sacred name which means, “HE WHO CAUSES TO BE”. Being the Son of God meaning, as there is only one God, the Son has His same nature: that he is therefore God. But as Lucifer was Evil, that would have meant that Evil would have been the Logos, the means by which anything anywhere had any function. For this reason, to prevent an eternity of horror, Satan and those third of the angels who had turned from the light were cast from Heaven. MICHAEL and his angels were the responsible agents, though others had their part. But that there was a war at all meant that the wyrds of the dark were within the potential in the story of the world. And so we have the world we have seen in history, and which we see today.

crossWhen God spoke to us, before His Son showed us his revelation of the Father, He spoke necessarily through a veil of unknowing. For a prophet cannot hear beyond what can be conceived. And the meaning of the world has been fought in the War in Heaven from the beginning. When the Son of God came to the world, the true nature of the Father began to become manifest within it. It now begins to materialize, not the New Jerusalem after the Judgment, but the work the MESSIAH had been foretold to bring about: the Father’s will done on earth as it is in Heaven, as the Age of Gold. As Christ was two days in the earth, doing his work to defeat death, so has the world been two thousand years in shadow (which we have had it described are like two days to God)—a gradual awakening from the Age of Iron. And the machinery of Iron to be dismantled. Swords into plowshares.

When Satan was cast from Heaven, a part of Heaven (ruined by evil) was cut from the main body and thrown into the earth, that being manifest in the unseen world, so to be what people call HELL. It is a dream kingdom, a dark shadow of Eternity, but with a beginning, and with an end. Satan and the rebel angels draw power from this Hell, and so they bring it with them to exert influence in this world of solidities; and Satan has been called the prince of this world because his dream kingdom trapped the world, wrapped the world in this Hell, in the BLACK IRON PRISON. This was the Iron in the Age of Iron, whose face in the world is called the MACHINE. Christ has now freed us from the Prison, inside us and outside us, thus the Age of Gold has begun to find itself emerging in this world.

The signs of the Gold show by the fact that now we have finally understood what are basic as human rights that all people should have, in democratic and individualist governments, and we take to heart the rule of reason. Right over might. The advent of equality is humanity’s saving grace—at least that we have it as an ideal, as we work towards that and the other ideals of what an Age of Gold can mean.

And of this age of reason, we see that science has just begun to scratch the surface of what is practical and possible. Which has been responsible for a great deal of the new Age that has come, is coming, and is to come. We are nowhere near the end, and the prophecy can be said: THE BEGINNING IS NEAR. The Last Judgment ultimately to come after we have progressed for the next 30, 40, or 50 thousand years in the Age of Gold. Before the foretold tribulation, the dark times before the Lord bodily returns.

ancient of daysGod, in ancient days, was manifest in the ways that the world could accommodate Him. One must remember that the wyrds that formed the world—among the wheat were the tares, and with good there was evil, with life there was also calamity. How things were is shown in Job, where Satan was the one responsible for all the evil, was yet when God reveals Himself to Job, He mentions him not. God takes all responsibility. Thus was the severity of God until the Lord, Jesus Christ, came into the world. He is the Logos, and the only way that any may be saved—for he is the only way anything, anywhere may work, at all. And he has overcome death, to grant immortality to those whom he will. And in the Cross, our God’s true nature is revealed to the world: GOD IS LOVE. May the one who have eyes see. May the one who has ears hear. There is no higher.

In the end, the Lord will sit as Judge, and those whom he does not know will be cast into the SECOND DEATH in the Lake of Fire. The wages of sin is death. The damned will be burned into nothing; pain is given no victory by being eternal outside of Heaven. And Death will die, and there will be no Hell. Satan will be no more.

That End is far off, indeed. The Beginning is near. Repent! For justice Has begun to reign in the material world, if only now a toehold. The poor shall be lifted from the dregs and given a voice. The oppressed will have their day, and their oppressors will experience defeat and disgrace. Think not that the Lord tarries in his return, and so we may treat our servants as if they mattered nothing. Split open a block of wood and he is there. He is everywhere, right now, and his is the essence of justice. Do you not see the world is changing? And how it has been changing? Fear not. We have always already won. There is a truth, and it is on our side, friend. Do you as yet not perceive? JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. And the Lord has always been with us. Amen.

[John H. Doe]

What is this, exactly?

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