what you are looking at, where you are currently located in cyberspace, is either madness or truth, but even the truth has a little madness in it, and the madness (even at its most full tilt crazy) has truth to it. like the title of all of this says, it is about the war in heaven, which really happened, and i know this because it really happened to me. it ended as a culmination of visions in january 2013, in what i call the Event. i wrote two books about it, the gospel according to judas (which is a philosphy), and memoirs from the war in heaven (which is my story). so if you want to know how it all went down, and why, exactly, go and buy a copy or five. after i wrote them, though, i realized there was a lot of info i had that did not go into them. and voilà! this site.

there were lots of details i didn’t get into that i had just not thought about, not until i had all the hardcopy already flying out the door. and there is stuff that is primary material which i wrote about in one or both books that needs to be said here, too, to make other stuffs at this locale comprehensible. but mostly, there is much that i wrote about that has some representation, a sketch, in the books that i tell in further elaboration, so that one might see the whites of their eyes, so to speak. in the books, the mystery is revealed. here, the consequences of it being out there. (plus, there are pictures here, and there aren’t any in the books. pretty pictures.)

to any of you who have previous ideas about what the “war in heaven” was supposed to be, either the primordial one before there was eden, or the apocalyptic one at the end of days: first, there is only one, which “was” a war in eternity (the two written about are one and the same), and second, forget what you might think about clanging flaming swords in a sky full of dark storm and flashes of lightning. at least to me, that’s not what it looked like. at all. most of the fighting was psychological and metaphysical. but what was at stake was not simply a change of address for lucifer and his angels: at stake was the fabric of existence itself. and the world has been saved more than once; the movies and comic books were right, that things like that do happen.

so, turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. it is not dying. it is not dying.* seriously, you can write it all off as a crank who doesn’t know his mitzvah from his sutra, but don’t be suprised, while you’re reading some of my crazy stories, when you come across something that startles you into thinking, “this makes sense!” it’s been known to happen. 9 out of 10 skeptics agree to disagree. be the 10th, and believe.


*Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert, The Psychedelic Experience