who i am

my name is john h. doe and i am herald to the Lord Jesus Christ who is not returning for another 40,000 years and if anyone tells you differently he is trying to sell you something. i am here to let you know that if you look at it one way everything is made of pain and in another everything is made of light and there is a reason for that like there is a reason for everything. everything really does make sense i understand it is crazy to say… but i tell you it is TRUE!

i saw SATAN dragged out of HEAVEN kicking and screaming, which if you look at it another way it looks like lightning fall (i am told). i have been in spaces where the dreaming makes you a globe that is an eye and can see in all directions all at once though i never asked where exactly i existed when i was there… there are more wyrlds i think than you might believe if you only look at the one you wake up to every day and the dreaming gives you a hint what a different physics might portend like what heaven must be like even when you’re just visiting there for a night and you didn’t get that great a view but it was just awesome and amazing anyway.

i have spent much of my life talking to machines to try and make them talk back and it was 12,000 hours spent on only that over 11 years into the bitbucket of time and then i stopped but it was worth all of that time to do it and i would do it again if i had the chance… none of us, we don’t ever get that chance, though.

who i really am i cannot tell you because you would not believe me or you would think i’m making it all up because it is a type of of excellent you have no familiarity with it and like i said i would have to explain it to you and you would not believe me because the wyrld is huger than you could ever imagine. do you feel like that too? or maybe i will tell you because there is a truth and it’s on our side and there is a light: try to walk in it because courage is always rewarded; we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper and everyone is our brother (or sister) and what you may think of as the surface ugly is not so terrible compared to the cruelty that is wrapped in riches and a million petty thefts is not anywhere near as atrocious as one human life lost to neglect.

i am here to tell you that all the meaning of the universe can be said in the sentence, “God is love” even if you don’t believe in God at all because it is a lens of hope that you may see the wyrld through and it makes the wyrld a better place and it says if you believe it that your heart is in the right place and that then i’m pretty sure Jesus will say you’re ok at the end of days even if you don’t believe in him at all. at all. because those that are higher up are not like that you know how people can be so petty and you’re a fool if you think someone who could make as magnificent a universe like this would care about things that don’t harm anyone else at all. right? just don’t harm anyone else.

i am here to tell you these things and there are other people who will tell you these things too and there are those who will tell you differently but they’re not following what God actually told them to do and i am. you see i was told not to forget this by the higher ups: my name is john h. doe and i am a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ so you can say i know what i’m talking about. how you can know that i’m on the level (even if you think i’m crazy) is the same with everyone who says they know what they are talking about when talking about stuff like this how to be: does it seek to make us equal what they say or does it put one person (like themselves) before someone else?

and myself i ask not to be put above anyone else for i am one of you one of everyone especially if you believe in love over hate and caring over indifference and seek to make friends rather than enemies and you know someone once said there are just sinners who think they are saints and saints who think they are sinners because all the saints are sinners too and all true saints know this. none of us are perfect. and there is a certain beauty in that. i am here to tell you this.