Beginning and Ending

When many come and tell you, “The end is nigh!” and then ask you for money, know the end is not yet. When many come and claim, “I know the Lord’s mind!” and invoke a simpler time, and a simplistic morality, know that the Lord did not send them. When many come and tell you they are protectors of life, yet they ignore the beggar at their very feet, know that they know nothing of the religious good. These things must truly transpire before the Age of Gold is upon you, upon the world. Yet the Age of Gold is here, and it has always been here: in every act of kindness against the rules, the rebellion against the evil that was greater than them. It is not the end, for the end comes far from here, in what may be known as 40 days of mystic time. Truly, truly, it is quite the reverse, the beginning opposed to the end, and those reverse of love’s intent will not tell you that this is what is so, for they understand it not. Hearken and lo, the Beginning is near!