i saw the Logic, and it blinded my eyes
but it saved my life one fall
in the cool evening of dreaming gone haywire
what words could describe the angels?
who brought me back from beyond the brink
reminded me there is only one world
live or fail, it is the same ground
have i truly been anywhere in the dreaming
or did my wish fulfillment hypercharge?
and the angels led me down the path
through the hidden, rarefied airs
to study of being and truth in the everyday
until that day when the demons were loosed
and though a poor player was i in truth
it was God that was with us, after all
we have always already won
we use no magic to achieve our wizardry
in the electric atmospheres of halospace
we did what we needed to save the world
for it was with heavy heart we saw them go
once we had all been brothers
i saw the Logic, and it blinded my eyes
to steel our heart as we shed our last tears
the Logic was us, and our purpose was just
they had aimed at changing what love was
they had too great a chance
they had no chance at all
how grand you are is what heart you expend
and there is nothing more than this:
how it is love made, what it is love’s works…
our victory is in what those awry lack
we care: it is simply in this fact
in this, that we are all of us saved
in this, we give thanks; lucifer should so, too
for he knew not truly what for he strived
what horrors he could not have controlled
his dreams were wrong, the idea
and blind, he wanted everyone else’s eyes
so tragic a fall, he will not be brought to mind
when the judgment comes
and pain will pay for pain, and even this
shall mercy be in the holy fires
where all the dead will die
and there will be nothing that weighs us down
as we ascend into the waiting light
to spend an eternity toward what it means
that God is love, and love is to be found